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The design studio of Triada-print is a small world of broad opportunities.

We can:

Draw cartoons
Do layout
Do design
Generate ideas
Propose both reliable classic and unordinary creative solution

The way we work with you:

We do design for free (you pay only for printed materials only).

We start production after 50% advance pay.

If you clearly know what you want to get as the result, please feel free to share you vision with a designer (colors, location of objects etc.), a draft schematic model would of great help to designer in making your vision a reality.
If you personally have no idea of what you want to get, please rely on expertise of people with extensive experience, to mean on us.
Remember that this is not us to evaluate our joint efforts, but a customer who might have completely different perceptions.
Respect an opinion of our designers!
Designer and you should cooperate not disrupt.
We want to produce a product for you, which make you a proud owner.


Mailing address:
Triada Ltd.
28 а Gogol str. Bishkek
720021, the Kyrgyz Republic.
Triada Print
Offset and RAM (digital)
+996 312 880 946
+996 312 882 261
+996 770 794 794
Triada Flex
+996 312 882 256

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